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Pitch me your idea, and I will let you know I can develop it or not.

Website Development

Skilled in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Classic ASP, PHP, MySQL and MSSQL.

Software Development

Mildly skilled in VB.NET and C#.

Mobile Development

Mildy skilled in Swift.

Net2 Web

A spectacular front-end redesign for the Paxton Net2 Interface, in a web browser!

Monitor & Print a Roll Call with Ease

"Quick and Amazing System" - Thomas Swan & Co Ltd.

A web-based Paxton Net2 interface with a user friendly front-end.

  • Print a Roll Call to every location with a simple click.
  • Create / modify employee swipe cards & give temporary PIN codes.
  • Open / close Net2 doors with custom timers.
  • Much more...

Booking System

A dynamic security solution, which is as straightforward to use as it is effective.

Give Visitors a Warm Introduction

"Impressed our visitors and improved security, impossible to go back now!" - Thomas Swan & Co Ltd.

An all-in-one booking in system for visitors and contractors.

  • Easy to use, very user friendly.
  • Quick-Scan Sign in/out (Using QR Code on badge).
  • Desktop Notifications when visitors arrive.
  • Live Roll Call.
  • Much more...


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