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In Progress!

I am either in-progress of this project or have not had time to upload screenshots yet.

CS:GO HUD GameState Integration - Discord Version

This discord bot was created using Node.JS with the Discord.JS plugin. It posts to a discord #channel when:
- The bomb has been planted (With a countdown - which is buggy atm)
- The round is over (TTS's the current score)
- More soon!

The original script was created by Double0negative. All I did was turn it into a Discord Bot.

Last Updated: 30/08/2017

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In Progress - Twitch Relay Discord Bot

Needs to be uploaded..

Last Updated: 29/08/2017

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Ultra GP Blog

This was a short project that I designed in wordpress for my brother, Andrew Larmouth.

Last Updated: 30/08/2017

This site no longer exists.

Image Fetch

This was a short project that I made for Secure Photographic Services. A basic image portal for sharing images with their customers.
The layout was re-created from their current site (http://securephotographicservices.com).

Last Updated: 30/08/2017

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Live Fortnite Discord Bot

This script will play tones over the bot accordingly during your game;

Every 10 players that die <= 50 Alive
When you win (Still in the works, but should work.)
When your team loses (Its currently commented out, but just remove the // on line 280).

Last Updated: 22/04/2018

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Barcode Asset System


XCode App - Swift Language:
 - Scan a barcode to insert / grab data about an asset (using the web app)
 - Audible Beep on scan
 - Repeat last scan
 - Flashlight
 - Manual scan (type barcode in)

Web App - PHP Language:
 - Sleek look (using the Taurus Bootstrap 3 template)
 - MySQL integration (with Audit Log)
 - Power Bi Reports
 - Dell API Warranty Lookup (using Service Tag)
 - Raw PC Data (Gets system report from the remote PC then saves it in the database)
 - iCloud Find my iPhone API (Find, Lock and Ping Device)
 - Site Map including information about the asset (On hover)


Last Updated: 30/08/2017

GTA F1 2015 Cars

This is currently not open source (but might be in the future).
It currently works in Single Player and FiveM Multiplayer.

Proof of F1 Cars in FiveM:

Last Updated: 29/08/2017

What Do You Meme Online

On Hold

This project was put on hold 27/03/2018 and is most likely not going to be updated.

Last Updated: 27/03/2018

PUBG Health - Corsair Integration

Info at GitHub: https://github.com/MickyDNet/pubg-health-corsair

Youtube Sync

A pure PHP/MySQL/AJAX Youtube Sync player that doesn't use any live back-end servers (like socket.io).
Retired project because it was too overpowered for some PC's to handle the AJAX requests.

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Due it

Struggling to keep track of dates?
Counting down the days for that special event in your life?
Need help managing those deadlines?
Sick of not being prepared for recurring expenses?

Introducing "Due it", an app for organisation developed by Michael Davison. Due it's unique design features were created with the needs of the user in mind, with a straight forward thinking philosophy that puts the most relevant information at the forefront.
Due it remembers the deadlines, dates and expenses in your life, so you don't have to!

Never lose track of anything again!

- Push Notifications to help alert when a specific date draws near (No unwanted surprises!)
- Fresh and fun design with customisable icons!
- Search feature for dates and deadlines of a similar type helps group together the info you need, when you need it.
- Options allow for categorizing of recurring, monthly and birth dates.
- Automatic functionality informs you of the age or years recurring of a date (So no more awkward moments at a birthday or anniversary).

Get Organised. Due it.

Last Updated: 01/02/2019

Booking System

Developed for Thomas Swan & Co Ltd.

Last Updated: 16/11/2017

OBD Boost Gauge

Still in development.
These are going to be sold as a kit soon, so keep an eye out!

Last Updated: 05/07/2019

Net2 Web

Developed for Thomas Swan & Co Ltd.
Controls Net2 System over a Web-Based Interface.

- Overview (Shows most recent swipe events + first aiders/emergency team currently on-site)
- Recent Events (Shows the latest swipe events from 24h ago to now)
- Visitors (Links to the currently in-place Booking System to show currently on-site visitors/contractors + who is due on-site today - Also in my projects)
- Main Gate (Controls the Net2 Main Gate - Allowing Security to open or close it with a simple click)
- PIN Codes (Shows all employees with a Temporary PIN Code - Employees that have forgotten their card are issued with a Temporary PIN)
- Print Roll Call (Prints a full Roll Call (including Visitors/Contractors) to any/all printer(s) on-site)
- Search Buildings (Shows all events for an entire building, or a single door)
- Online - No Issues Found (Scans Net2 Services, Pings Net2 ACU's/Camera's for issues and notifies the user)

Search Users
- Currently Allocated Tokens (Add or remove Swipe Cards using a Net2 Reader - Thomas Swan did not allow multiple Swipe Cards, so the system will not allow it (customizable))
- Temporary PIN (Give a PIN Code to an Employee and automatically revoke it at the end of the day)
- Events (Shows all employee swipe events - With Excel Export)

Last Updated: 29/08/2019


Info at GitHub: https://github.com/MickyDNet/HQ-NodeJS